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The Name is Old:
Quite a few years ago, the original BLUE DEVILS, played in and around Eastchester? just a bunch of guys who loved Football enough to play under any conditions. The team consisted of anyone available at the time, against anyone willing to say they were another team, wherever there was room to play.
Uniforms were whatever they happened to be wearing at the time - Sunday suits included. One or two players managed to get what they felt were football pants, but it as hard to tell, by the amount of tape that held them together. If you were lucky enough to be husky, you had built in padding.

At the start, there was just one helmet, and it was worn by the guy who carried the ball. Sooner or later, somebody managed to scare up another one, which must have caused some confusion.

In the fall of 1967, some of the old team members got together and talked about how great it would be to get a new team going. Pop Warner Football provided the answer. A national organization with standardized rules and regulations, combined with an established league in Southern Westchester County.

It was no easy Task getting started. Many hours were spent organizing, but with a substantial amount of support and cooperation, 1967 saw the birth of the BLUE DEVILS!

Now in our Fifth Decade, we have grown from a program of some 40 children to well over 400 boys and girls participating in Football, Cheerleading and Lacrosse, and our adult membership peeks at just over 100 members.

The BLUE DEVILS' reputation for achieving success on the field, and in the classroom, is only surpassed by our attainments in developing proper competitive attitudes, sportsmanship, leadership and character.

Safety Comes First!
A significant characteristic of the Pop Warner Football philosophy, is the recognition that ages and weights must be considered in the match-up of players. The age / weight schematics in use, not only afford maximum safety conditions, but also help to balance the competition.
Additionally, the grouping of players accordingly allows for varying of rules and conditions under which each division plays the game of football. Under the precepts of Pop Warner Football, the risk of injury has proven to be substantially lower than other sports in which you may permit your children to participate!

Football equipment provided to our participants are the best that money can buy, and offers optimim protection against the threat of possible injury. A typical outfit costs our organization on the average of $300 per child.

Our Cheerleading Coaches have all been certified for both safety and the understanding of competitive stunting.

We demand the best quality Lacrosse equipment and supply our the players with the newest and safest helmets available!

What We Offer the Children
The primary objective of the BLUE DEVILS organization is to provide youth sports activities for developing the character of the children under our supervision. To this end, Football, Cheerleading and Lacrosse squads are offered.
Any Child, between the ages of 5 and 14, are instructed in objectives, techniques and strategies as they relate to the game of Football, Cheer or Lacrosse. Emphasis on physical conditioning and careful preparation for the competition we face represent additional facets of our program.

The Football & Cheer season begins officially on August 1, and generally concludes in late November. Apart from supplying each participant with the best equipment available, all team members travel by bus to away games. All league games, both Home and Away, are played on Sunday. Each game is videotaped for use later as an additional aid in instruction.

At the present time our Football & Cheer team structure is comprised of the following teams:

Junior Midget
Pee Wee
Junior Pee Wee
Mighty Mite

The Lacrosse season begins with pre season practice in March. The outdoor season begins on April 1 and generally concludes at the beginning of June. At the present time we offer three divisions of Lacrosse play:

7th & 8th Grades
5th & 6th Grades
3rd & 4th Grades

Blue Devils Lacrosse
We are very proud to have brought the sport of Lacrosse to lower Westchester County. The BLUE DEVILS have joined the Hudson Valley Chapter of US Lacrosse, and have successfully competed against our neighboring communities. Within 2 years of beginning this new program, we have over 100 participants. The BLUE DEVILS commitment to character and youth sports continues look forward to the continued growth of the popular sport.
Special Touches
Over the years, we have seen our children play before crowds at Yankee Stadium, Rutgers & Wake Forrest Universities. Played games at West Point and our teams have traveled to Post Season Bowl games in such places as Orlando, Naples, Pensacola,

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